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Cowboys, Cowgirls & Kids

  • can be personalized such as a name or a certain color of dog collar painted on any of the puppies!!!

    ***Some assembly required for larger shadows that are shipped in two pieces.***

    Let your inner cowboy or cowgirl show! These great shadows will definitely let people know to tip their hats your way!

  • A) Bronc Rider 74"H X 72"W - $499.95
  • B) Cowboy Kid 47"X 15"W - $129.95
  • C) Cowgirl Kid 46"H X 19"W - $149.95
  • D) Campfire Cowpokes 56"H X 84"W - $499.95
  • E) Lazy Cowboy 38"H X 53"W - $169.14
  • F) Ridin' Cowboy 65"H X 30"W - $499.95
  • G) Leaning Cowboy 72"H X 23"W - $169.95
  • H) Leaning Cowgirl 68"H X 18"W - $169.95
  • I) Waving Cowboy 61"H X 26"W - $169.95
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