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We like to treat every customer like they are the only customer! Please read below for some of the great things our customers have to say about us and our items!

  • (Trout Napkin Holder) "I received the trout napkin holder today and I'm very pleased with it. Also, thanks for the hand towel!" -- Deb

  • (CFL BC Lions Whirley Gig) "Looks fantastic. My cousin will love it come orangemans day-his bday. Thanks!" -- Pat

  • (Custom Toaster Cover) "Thanks much. Everything was great and those bee buttons were VERY cute." -- Deb

  • (Winter Door Draft Blockers) "I received the draft blockers and love them. Wow - they are heavy!! They are already doing a great job of keeping the draft out." -- Garland

  • (Rustic Wooden Birdhouse) "WOW! What excellent customer service. I would love another birdhouse! You are the best! I just put out the other 2 birdhouses. I LOVE THEM :) I really appreciate your time, friendliness and exceptional customer service!" -- Phyllis

  • (Double Drawer Trash Bin) "I just wanted to write you and say thanks again for the garbage and recyclable unit. It works just perfectly for what we wanted it for, and it really makes our trash not even look like trash! Our kitchen is a lot nicer and more organized now. Thanks for working on the order and getting all the specs, and then for delivering it. It's great!" -- Elaina

  • (Hanging Kitchen Towels) "Recieved the towels this morning and they are all beautiful, one prettier then the other! Thank you so much I am so well satisfied. And thanks for what you also tucked in. That was a great surprise. Thank you!" -- Maxine.

  • (Deacon Bench) "I received the bench today. Fits perfectly and is exactly what I pictured!" -- Lori

  • (Hanging Kitchen Towels) "The towel looks AWESOME! thanks a bunch!" -- Lauren

  • (Custom Etched Glass Apple Canisters) "I got a chance to open one to sneak a peek - it looks great! I love the font you chose! We gave the apple jar gifts this past Monday, and the women absolutely loved them! They loved them so much, in fact, that the word has gotten around and one of the leaders would like to order one as a gift for one of the other women!" -- Jenn

  • (Custom Triple Trash Bin) "Now that the novelty of sheer beauty has sort of worn off..... please know that the functionality of the piece is terrific..." -- Ken

  • (Custom Made Golf Course Replica) "The sign came out incredible and the logo is outstanding! Also love how the scorecard came out. I do love how the stain came out also. Thanks again I do love it." -- Ron

  • (Personalized Fireman Lawn Shadow) "My fireman Dan came. When the box arrived, my daughter was here and my neighbor ran over knowing how excited I was to see my silhouette...Everyone started to get excited in the neighborhood. We all took place in opening him up...When I seen him, I had no other emotions to show but tears. I was so over joyed. Everyone was just saying how beautiful he was, but I just cried. You created something that displays to anyone who sees it, how proud I am of my father. He was my hero. Thank you so much for doing such a beautiful job." -- Tara

  • (Campfire Bears Shadow) "I've noticed that a lot of people are slowing down going through the curve to look at them! I've gotten a lot of comments on them. I'm very pleased with my purchase!" -- Wendy

  • (Custom Golf Course Sign) "Got the sign last night!! It is even nicer than what I expected!! Thanks again!! It will be a welcome addition to the hottub area!!" -- Kevin

  • (Eagle Yard Shadow) "We got the eagle and it is perfect! Thank you very much!" -- Katie

  • (Custom Double Trash Bin) "I picked up the trash bin yesterday. It looks great! Thanks for all your help!" -- Matt
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